Transitional Stripes

The moment I saw this Mixed Stripe Dress from Eloquii, I knew I had to have it. I love the “sack” shape of it – but it is not so bag-like that it is frumpy. It’s a perfect dress to wear from spring to summer as the material is light and easy but it pairs well with leggings and a jacket. The minimalist shape and pattern are just a great addition to my spring wardrobe. 

I spent the day shopping for new glasses (I can’t wait to share those with you in a few weeks) and just walking around downtown with S. We shared an amazing cinnamon roll and iced coffee (YUM!) and also popped into LUSH to get my favorite spring bath bubble bar Ultraviolet. Are any of my readers LUSH fans? What are your favorites? 

Mixed Stripe Dress – Eloquii – Size 18/20 (TBH, i probably would have been fine in the 14/16, but I really doesn’t matter too much with a dress this shape)
Waxed Denim Jacket – H&M+
Necklace – Forever 21
Earrings – gift
Leggings – Spanx – Size XL
Leather Backpack – gift (via etsy)
Glasses – SEE Eyewear
Oxford metallic-tip shoes – Clarks UK

Plus Size Moto Jackets for Fall

A reader wrote in to ask if there were good places to buy plus size moto jackets. ABSOLUTELY! There are some great options especially right now – tis the seasons for a beautiful leather or faux leather jacket.  These are some of my favorites and they range from $40-$200 and sizes 18-24.  There are lots of options, but here is a good starting point!

See the full details from the image above and where to buy at my polyvore (or click the jacket image above)

My outfit above includes my favorite waxed denim moto from H&M last year along with a dress from Gwynnie Bee

I promise a full outfit post after the weekend – Hope you enjoy shopping for your fall jackets! Let me know what you’re buying on my facebook page

Gwynnie Bee the “netflix” for plus size clothes

I’ve raved about Gwynnie Bee all over my fb and instagram, but I had to show you what it’s all about!  

I was wary at first – I didn’t think they had a really well-rounded selection and items seemed not really my style.  However, as they’ve grown and expanded, I am happy to report that I just absolutely love them.  

I do the 3-items-at-a-time option which is perfect for my needs.  A lot of my work wear has been gwynniebee and I’ve already purchased two of the items I’ve received (you have the option to buy items for much less than retail and they usually offer additional discounts and sales too!)

This is a Jessica Simpson cap sleeve floral print dress.  It’s super cute and fits so well.  I paired it with some tights and my go-to waxed denim moto jacket from H&M. Perfect for spring! 

If you haven’t already checked out the month-free trial of Gwynnie Bee, I would love to encourage you to try!  Referral link here*.

Floral print dress – Jessica Simpson via Gwynnie Bee, Sz 1XL
Black tights – Target, Sz 1X
Doc Martens – via nordstrom rack, Sz 11
Waxed Moto Jacket – H&M, Sz 16
Sunglasses – SEE Eyewear
Purse – Forever 21
moon earrings – Topshop

#gwynniebee #ilovegwynniebee

*I get a free garment rental with the referral – thanks for using/sharing!

The weather outside was terrible this weekend and I wasn’t able to get photos of my new vintage items that I wanted to share with you all.  So in lieu of a fresh post – I thought I’d share some photos from my trip to Berlin and London that I had forgotten to post.

The trip was in Mid-october and the weather was perfectly autumnal – chilly during the day – great for layering. Since I was traveling, I was limited to the amount of things I could bring with me – so there are a lot of repeats, but it’s fun to play with combinations!

Photo 1 is at Kings Cross Station in London at Platform 9 ¾. I’m wearing a stretchy lace-print dress from Primark, leggings from Topshop, waxed denim moto from H&M+, scarf from UO, and wedges from Topshop

Photo 2 is at St. James Park in London.  I’m wearing a velvet blazer from Old Navy and a cross-print scarf from Target

Photo 3 is from Berlin.  I’m wearing a black/white striped dress from Target, a wool sweater from Banana republic, Leggings from Forever 21+ and shoes from Topshop

Photo 4 is also from Berlin.  I’m wearing the same black/white striped dress plus the waxed denim moto from H&M+

Pushing the boundaries – Being Plus Size in 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

I’m always excited to find out about budget-friendly designer lines.  While these lines are more accessible to the wallet, they’re still not designed for a plus size body.  Straight size XL is the largest size the designer lines for Target go to. Not exactly pushing boundaries. But I don’t mind a challenge – which is to say, I’m not bound by sizes and if something is stretchy, I like to play with the shape on my frame.  It doesn’t always work, but it’s nice to see what comes of fabrics.  I also know this option is super limited – or rather not available to all plus size folks.  But still, a good reminder to not feel completely limited by the number that’s listed on a garment (anyone who thrifts knows this rule!!!)

The new 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection is lovely. The materials used included a lot of polyester silky fabrics and non-stretch, which gave me a worry that I wouldn’t be able to find anything to stretch over my curves. When I came across this lovely animal print stretch dress I gasped.  It reminded me of something Peg Bundy or Divine would wear.  Especially when on a plus size body.

I went on a walk with my sweet pups and wore my new dress.  I paired it with sheer black stockings, my stompy vince camuto boots and my new H&M waxed denim moto jacket.  I feel super great in this dress – a great score, right? 

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Animal Print dress – XL
Waxed Denim Moto Jacket from H&M – 18
Sheer black tights – Hanes
Black boots – Vince Camuto
Glasses – SEE Eyewear

90’s Vintage Plus Size Daisy Print Dress

It’s so hard for me to call 90’s clothes “vintage” since that was my teenage era and well, I just can’t admit that I’m vintage.  But I am – I know. And I had a dress exactly like this in 1995 when I was a sophomore in high school.  I loved it and I used to wear it with a flannel and my green suede Dr. Martens. 

That old dress bit the dust many years ago, but I found this great version while shopping at Lovesickvintage.  Owner Britteny has a fantastic collection of VINTAGE PLUS SIZE CLOTHES – I know, the holy grail, right? I highly recommend checking out her etsy site and for those in Chicago, stop by Market Days at Township on Sundays.

I’m going to relive my teenage years in the most adult way – by going to brunch and a few coffee shops. A perfect sunday for this outfit. I snuck in a photo of my sweetheart S – wearing his sunday favorite outfit.

Daisy print 90s dress – Lovesick Vintage
Flannel – thrifted (Men’s size L)
Denim Jacket – GAP
Dr. Martens – via nordstrom rack
Triangle Necklace – Forever 21
Purse – Forever 21
Crystal bullet necklace – etsy, lovelymusings
Glasses – SEE Eyewear
Earrings – etsy 

S is wearing a denim shirt from H&M, Shorts are H&M, Shoes are Dr Martens canvas lace-ups, necklace from Forever 21

5’9" 220# queer fat femme

Shopping and longing for more Plus Size Options

Today I stopped by H&M to check out this Waxed Denim Jacket in their plus section that I really wanted for my upcoming trip.  I was also excited to see if they had anything else that might be worth trying out.  My clothing options for fall travel are feeling very limited after my big purge a few months ago.

I’m happy to report that the jacket is amazing and I got it in a size 18 (I find that with H&M I definitely need to size up on fitted items). I can’t wait to wear it EVERYWHERE this fall.

But I had a lot of feelings while I was shopping. There was so much cute stuff at H&M right now.  They just released the Paris Show 2013 Collection and it’s beautiful – lots of delicate materials with pretty details.  They had an amazing cream lace top shaped sort of like a sweatshirt that I was just lusting after.  Just lots of pretty things that I really would love to wear for fall.

I already know that H&M doesn’t carry my size, but they used to carry up to a size 16 in their straight size line.  Not anymore.  The largest size in any of their clothes is a US 12.  TWELVE. And on top of that, a ton of the clothes I was looking at were only in quantities in sizes 4-8. 

This isn’t news. I shouldn’t get upset over these things, but I can’t help it sometimes – I just start to feel sad and angry that despite everything, trendy plus size fashion is still SO HARD to find.

Perhaps I’m just out of sorts – I know a lot of my fellow plus size bloggers are at #NYFW right now and they all seem to be having an amazing time.  I’m happy for them.  But I also know that for all of us, plus size fashion is still a struggle and we all are fighting to remind people that fat people exist and that we deserve to look adorable.  I mean, how hard is that?

Industrial Corner and MYNT 1792 Brown Jacket

One of my favorite things about chicago is that it does have a gritty edge to it.  The rust juxtaposed with the geese and the blue sky make me smile. 

This lovely Nolita Moto Jacket was gifted to me by MYNT 1792. It’s such a great color and I love that the collar really looks good open or closed. I received so many compliments on this outfit.  I think it can easily be dressed up or down – pair with skinny jeans or a denim skirt for totally different looks.

Outfit details:
Nolita Moto Jacket – Sz 1X – MYNT 1792
Pale pink burnout shirt – H&M – XL
Burgundy tank – Target – XXL 
Premium skinny jeggings – Target – 16
Burgundy shoes – Target
Crystal bullet necklace – lovely musings etsy
Earrings – Nordstrom Rack
Arrow Bracelets – Nordstrom Rack
Sunglasses – SEE Eyewear

I’m a 215# queer fat femme

Thanks to MYNT 1792 for the nolita moto jacket. My review is not monetarily influenced!

Springtime and Patterned Shorts

I am thrilled that it’s finally spring!  Well except that all my dogs are shedding – that isn’t so sweet.  But all the flowers and the warmer weather are just making me so happy right now.

My job has been so busy lately that I really haven’t had time to take some fun photos, but I really wanted to show you guys these amazing sweet shorts I recently purchased.  I think there’s nothing better than mixing patterns and when I came home and remembered I had this precious lace sweatshirt, I knew I had the perfect outfit.  I know this outfit is a little sweet for me – but there’s something about spring that just brings it out of me.

And what about these new creamy pearl glasses from SEE eyewear?  I am completely in love!

Outfit details
Navy/seafoam green patterned shorts – Target – Sz 18
Seafoam lace sweatshirt – Target – Sz XXL
Pale pink studded flats – Target
Rose quartz necklace – lovelymusings etsy
white ring – H&M
Rose ring – Fossil
Glasses – SEE eyewear

Graphic Print Skirt in the Neo Alley 

A day away from the office and I wanted to go out around the city.  I had just gone dancing at neo the night before and decided I had to do a photo-shoot in the weird painted alley.  Thursday nights at neo remind me of friday night at #’s  (“numbers” – it was named in an era when hashtags did not exist) in Houston, which is where I learned to dance in the late 90s/early 00’s.  I adore 80s dark synth, so a new wave night just takes me to the best places mentally.

I needed an outfit perfect for a cool, sunny day in Chicago – This elastic-waist skirt is heavy enough to not fly up at the slightest wind.  I love the slight touch of neon – just enough to break up the all-black.

Outfit Details
Print Skirt – Target, sz L (new/ mossimo/ runs big!) – available here
Sheer Neon Shirt – Forever 21+, sz 1X – available here
Faux Black Leather Jacket – Forever 21+, Sz XL
Black Tights – Target
Shoes – John Fluevog Selby
Triangle Necklace – Forever 21
Ring – H&M
Bag – Vince Camuto (via Nordstrom Rack)
Glasses – SEE

215# 5’9"