How I wear a #croptop

The topic of fat people in crop tops has been trending recently because of the statement in O magazine. I haven’t really weighed in with my fellow plus size friends because frankly, I don’t really wear crop tops all that often and honestly I’m of the option that everyone should wear whatever they want to whenever and don’t go making big statements about it.

So I personally don’t like showing my midriff skin, but I do really like this chopped up crop top sweater vest that I layered over a sheer button up top. It gives me the layered look I love and a way to wear a shorter shirt.

I love seeing how all of you are rocking and styling your crop tops. I add mine to the mix and recommend trying this if you’ve been feeling shy about trying it!

Outfit Details
Polka dot sweater – thrifted, chopped
Sheer shirt – forever 21+
Black shorts – city chic
Espadrilles – Aldo

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