My #Fashiontruth

How do you stay strong and body-positive when there’s an entire world out there that is filled with self-loathing, that is bombarding us with images of over-photoshopped models, that worships a fashion industry that spews hate and disdain for plus size bodies?

I am here to say that the fashion industry should be held accountable for both ignoring plus size bodies and by saying hateful things about plus size bodies. I am happy to see brands like ModCloth taking a stand against photoshopping models   I’m encouraged by ModCloth and indie brands that are selling more sizes and using a diverse array of body types to advertise their clothes. It’s important to see a variety of body types represented. Studies show that 65% of women say that they “never” or “rarely” see their body type represented in fashion advertising.  No wonder so many plus size women feel self-concious about their outfits and their bodies.

Fashion industry: plus size bodies are beautiful, they exist and they want to be represented in advertising and have clothing available to them.

And to my fellow plus size women, I want to encourage you to remember every day the following things regardless of what you see in magazines or online:

1) YOU ARE WORTHY of beautiful clothes in YOUR SIZE. Continue to ask retailers to carry your size. Don’t shop at places that have responded negatively to requests for plus size options.

2) YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE. Avoid comparisons to others, spend time daily working on your self-esteem. Avoid self-pity and self-deprecation (don’t speak negatively about yourself). Sing “Flawless” in the mirror if you need a boost or write encouraging quotes and post them on your mirror.

3) REACH OUT.  No one is perfect and we all have bad days. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need encouragement or perhaps you can seek body-positive counseling. If you’re in a styling rut, reach out to a plus size fashion blogger or stylist for some advice.


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