Fashion in Berlin

I’ve been a little quiet here because I’ve been traveling for the past two weeks in Europe with my partner S.  It’s been a wonderful experience overall (with a few hiccups – this is my first time traveling). I’ve been to Berlin, London, Manchester, Paris. 

I wanted to share with you some of the outfits I’ve worn in each city.  I decided to basically keep all my pieces black/gray/white with some pops of color here and there.  Since it was cold in Berlin, you’ll see a lot of my H&M plus size waxed denim jacket – which is a perfect top layer.

A lot of folks in Berlin wear army green parkas as a top layer.  They look really laid-back and chic with their boots and skinny pants and parkas.  Seriously I love the fashion in this city.  Everyone in Berlin has the most amazing boots.  It’s like the thing you really throw a lot of money at – good shoes. For examples of gorgeous plus size parkas see asos curve’s options here and here

The Clarks shoes featured in the 4th and 7th photos are ones I picked up while in Berlin.  I don’t know if they’re available in the states, but here is a link to the euro shop version:  They fit like a dream and I wore them all over the city on the first day with no “breaking in” required.

I put outfit details in the image comments.  Feel free to contact me for any other details or questions!  

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